Commercial & Residential Restoration Services from Water & Fire Damage, and More

We have you covered. Here is a list of the professional services Brenave has been providing since 2012:

  1. Floods: damage from water involves mitigation work for odor, mold and Mushrooms by drying strategies and disinfection.

  2. Fires: damage from fires involves mitigation from structural damage, smoke and odor through cleaning, disinfection and demolition.

  3. Ice: damage from ice involves structural damage and all damage related to flooding (thaws) .

  4. Cleanups: Any kind of residential/ commercial cleaning (after construction, maintenance etc…).

  5. Project Management: Handle project coordination top to bottom from the emergency to contents mitigation to construction, final cleaning and content return.

  6. Burglary: Remediate damages done by burglars from pepper spray odor to damaged property.

  7. Oil Tank Explosions and Spills: Cleanup oil and do necessary demolition in order go restore after damage has occurred.

  8. Odor Remediation (Animals): odor control machinery (similar to fire) and cleaning through disinfecting.

  9. Insurance Claim Requirements:
    • Packins
    • Packouts,
    • Content Lists
    • Content Assessments
    • Storage
  10. Demolition: according to damage done and estimator’s plans.
  1. Rebuild: restore to original condition (or improvement paid by client)

  2. Loss and Item mitigation:

    • Content management involves listing the items which can and can’t be restored, packing them to be ready to move
    • Clean/restore content (at warehouse and store until construction is over) prepare listing for the insurance to pay out for total loss items
    • List and Inventorying of Damaged items